Elder Holland: The Day Laborers – Jealousy

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I want to really delve into a whole general conference talk.  Listen to it a few times and really think about how it applies to my life.

I LOVE General Conference, but I have a hard time actually listening those whole 8 hours, tell me I’m not the only one. :)

Anyway, this week I chose Elder Holland’s talk.  I loved it when he gave it, so when I saw it on my phone (via the Mormon Channel app) I chose to do it first!

Elder Holland spoke about the parable of the day laborers.  One group comes in the morning for a specified wage, then another group comes in the afternoon and they end-up getting the same wage as the people who worked all day.

Now, I will be honest and say that I’m in the group that says, “THAT IS SO NOT FAIR.”  Of course, I am on an hourly wage, so my mind just thinks that specific way.  Either way, this talk was great for me.  Because, I love how Elder Holland thinks.

Some favorite points:

  • The ones who really suffered were the 2nd group because they were passed over the first time, left to wonder how they would obtain money.  The first group knew they’d get money all along.  Perhaps they were the more blessed.
  • When we suffer from envy we end-up having to down a “quart of pickle juice” every time something good happens to someone we know, how does that make us happy?  A “mistake” that keeps on giving!
  • One of the best parts of being God is being able to bless people who aren’t expecting it (and I truly believe that, I know I get that same joy from doing things for my family).
  • They got mad at the person who was blessing them, because he wasn’t blessing them enough.

In the end he talks about how it’s never too late to be blessed by God.  I love this as the ending.  It is NEVER too late to be good, to be better.  Of course, at the end it mentions that it is getting late (aka, if we die in our sins or Christ comes while we’re being selfish and jealous it truly will be too late)… it’s always ominous for me.  Of course, I’m all for the second coming coming soon… on most days. :)

It is a really great talk, and I think this talk can speak to anyone of ANY religion.  Especially since the parable comes from the Bible.

So, what do you think of this parable?  How will this talk change you?  I’m going to look for ways this week.  Do you suffer from jealousy?  I don’t really think I do, but now that I’m looking at it more closely – maybe I do! :)

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