Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jumping the Shark

I have a cold, which left me to a lot of TV today.  I also had Conner home, because he has the same as me.  Just with a side of "inability to cover when I cough-itis" (SO FREAKING ANNOYING).  So, I was looking for programs that we'd all enjoy from the couch.  I ended-up watching Kate Plus 8 which just came to netflix.

I just found myself HATING Kate Gosslien, some because of the fact that she was getting ALL these amazing trips just because I was willing to watch her show, and some because her kids (and herself) seem so entitled to it all.  She's bugged when people crowd around them, and yet she has sold their lives.

We also saw the Today Show with Dooce (sp) on it -- Heather Armstrong.  I guess she's getting divorced.  I, actually, have never liked her blog.  Something about it, a lack of being genuine.  I guess I can spot that since I know she consistently said how her husband was her SOUL MATE.  Huh.

Anyway,  I Just thought about how much I'd rather have my bland boring life and be happily married and love my children and my friends and have a genuine life that I adore.

Honestly, in my head, being Dooce is what I want to be.  I LOVE to write I would love for it to be my full time job.  BUT, what's in your head and what you'd ACTUALLY like are often two very different things.  I really love my job, and we definitely manage financially, but lavish trips are kind of out of the question.

I just think that in 10 years I'll still have that job and all the people around me that I love, and I'm not sure who will be there for these two examples.

Anyone else feel that way?

ETA:  As I re-read this I realize it comes off kinda snooty.  You can thank my little upper respiratory infection for that.  I'm not happy that these women have had some serious bumps in their life journey.  I am saying that money and fame often leads to these kinds of bumps.  I think we all think we want it, but then maybe we don't. 

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