Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just for me...

Some close friends might know that last year's birthday was only topped by the year that P was born (because the best time to be thoughtless is when your wife is in the middle of postpartum depression).  And I'm not talking in a good way.

In my husband's defese he was here, and I was in CA... but it was a royal loser. 

So, this year I've got me eye on a few gifties.  Give me your thoughts.

I somehow lost my bluetooth earbud (the humanity, I know).  So, I was just going to get a new one of those, but I'd also like to listen to my tunes while I run ANd have an earbud... and I found this:

 It's bluetooth headphones and you can talk with it too...

Fancy, no?  Do I really want it?  Talk amogst yourselves.  Drew has mother's day AND my birthday within days of each other next month.  And he has some serious making up to do.  Sorry Drew.  I love you.  Just need some SERIOUS celebratin'. :)

Oh, I did forget that Drew got him a job last year.  I also had a great interview on my birthday.  In fact, this post makes me seem like a spoiled brat...   but, if the shoe fits.  Or, if the EARBUD fits... :)

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