Photo Friday: Easter

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Do I have a single picture of the kids on Sunday?  Well, yes… but it was mostly about the doughnuts…

But I digress, back to the beginning!  We did our regular egg hunt on Saturday.  We had reserved the grass “easy” eggs for our tiny little princess. Let’s just say she got plenty of candy… but, who wouldn’t give candy to this face?

We were overjoyed to have a bigger backyard to put all the eggs in.  Makes for a much funner hunt.  We should move ever year!  Ha,ha…  Wait, is that almost a smile on Conner’s chapped lips?  Blame the chocolate, he didn’t mean it.
Not only did Christ rise on Sunday, but we had some serious doughnut rising too (nice segway, no?).  I decided to make homemade doughnuts.  I think I made a mistake adding a couple of cups of whole wheat flour to it.  They were a bit more dense then I would have preferred.  Anyway  Here’s the recipes I used: Crispy Creamy Doughnuts, Alton Brown’s chocolate doughnut glaze.  Newsflash, I love doughnuts.  When we visited the illustrious Becky S. last Christmastime she took me to an AMAZING doughnut place that was near her home.  Yum, yum, ever since I have been craving their glazed chocolate doughnuts.  They glaze them like regular and then dip them in chocolate and boy oh BOY are they good.  Better then mine, but I figure I’ll work on it, right?
Here’s the set-up — I used a bowl and a pill bottle to cut them out (I need to get a doughnut cutter… I guess), then I fried them in my mom’s old dutch oven she graciously gave to me when she got fancy pots.  I used peanut oil.  I highly recommend getting the good oil, it does help a lot!  These weren’t greasy at all.  I fried them mostly at around 350.  Then I’d set them on a cookie sheet lined with newspaper to catch any excess grease.  Then it was over for the glaze.

 The final doughnut that I made was a bit of a monster. 

Making things for my family is so fun.  They thought so too.

I even got out the sprinkles.  They call me generous. :)
On Sunday we did a drive by of the Gilbert Temple, it’s getting bigger all the time.  And no, I wasn’t going for a dreamy look — it was more like my camera probably got touched by annoying little hands during church look.  Fancy, no?  Oh wait, I do have a picture of the kids in their Easter clothes.  It’s just a really bad one.  I love that they’re getting to see this temple from the ground up.  Very cool.
In other news, Iput myself on the PTO board today.  I have lost my mind, but it’s a whole lot eaiser to figure out who all the moms are that way.  I do like a LOT of the moms on our PTO.  It will be good.  Right, say it with me, it will be good.  Did you say it with me?  Try it again.  It will be good.  There, doesn’t that feel better? :)

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  1. Burns Family says

    Those doughnuts look yummy. I need a good recipe to try. As for the PTO board we must both be crazy I agreed to be on the board for next year. Still wondering if it was a good idea:)
    btw..J wants to know who that cute girl is and can they play?

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