Thursday, April 12, 2012

Simmer Down Moms....

Wow, my facebook feed was afire from stay at home moms FREAKING out about the whole "Ann Romney's never worked" comments.

I feel like I straddle the whole working mom, SAHM thing pretty well -- tending towards the stay at home mom part.  A LOT of moms do that anymore, I love that about our society.

But, I usually just say I'm going to work, the work I don't get paid for.

Or, I'm going to my paid work. :)

The main difference is the paycheck.  One is far delayed with little pence thrown out along the way.  You're also often worried about money and how you can contribute to the family increase.

And I know it's hurtful when people say you don't work.  I'm sure Anne Romney had a little smirk when she heard that comment.  She knew the fire storm that Mrs Rosen had unleashed.

I think we all realize the Romneys are CRAZY rich.  We all have a lot of concerns that they will never have, but they too have a lot of concerns that WE will never have.  I'm guessing her husband wasn't home a great deal of the time, and she was at home with 5 small boys. 


Ouch.  That hurt just to type.

I am guessing they had lean times in college, although I'm not sure about their financial history I know Romney has said he is self made.

But, she worried about their future, she lead a life with very little sleep, she worried if her money was going to ruin them.

She had plenty of worries.

And knowing who Ann Romney is, she was probably in a relief society presidency, and has seen a LOT of heartache in her time.  She knows financial grief.  She knows grief takes many forms.  I think she could probably get away with putting out some of the stories of helping her "parishioners" without making it like she was a grand religious poo-bah.

Anyway, what I am saying is that I don't think that anyone thinks stay at home moms have it easy.  I think most moms who work kind of wish they could stay home, but when they think about it they're not sure.  I think we live in a day and age where the stay at home mom is getting her due.  I'm glad to see the fire storm, but I don't think it's necessary.  I'm glad we live in an era where all people are a little more understood then before.

Go moms!

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