Saturday, April 14, 2012

What I learned About Gratitude This Week

As I mulled over Elder Nelson's talk I had a lot of thoughts come to my mind, but the main was that there are so many times where you can take a bad situation and just be SO grateful for what you have come out of it.

1.  I am ready to kill princess P.  She is CONSTANTLY talking.  I am talking constant.  I think you may have read that into my other posts this week.  The only thing that gets her mouth to turn off is to turn the TV on, and I try not to have her watch too much TV.  It's driving me insane.  But you go in at night and peek at that sleeping wonder and realize how grateful you are for her little jibber jabber.  It renews your spirit for the next day.  It's gratitude that does that.  No just the beauty of a sleeping child.  Although, that is pretty darn beautiful. :)

2.  Someone may or may not have called me lazy at the PTO board meeting yesterday.  I'm letting it go (can you tell?) but one of the best things that helped me to let it go was gratitude.  I thought about the people in my life who had been great examples of leadership (I did ward activities with my friend Amy a few years ago and she really taught me that YOU can only give so much and you can only expect those who are working with you to give so much, it has been a good lesson for me for a long time).  Also, I am surrounded by people who I know aren't lazy, they are amazing, beautiful women who are trying to build a community, while not ruining their own lives.  I love that.  And it's gratitude that changed my heart.  It certainly wasn't thinking about how lazy I am not.  That didn't help.

Gratitude is a life changer, it truly is. No matter HOW awful your situation is, you can think about how many blessing you have and change your attitude.  I think that's the most I got about gratitude this week.

We are all SO blessed.  Even during our lay off madness we were SO blessed, and we continue to be.  Grateful for that knowledge.  Someone remind me about gratitude next time I'm freaking out, ok?

How does gratitude change you?

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