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Blech, I am in a MOOD lately.  Kids, work, house, it’s all just eating at me.  I know we all get in that mood every now and then, don’t we?

I was reading some fabulous motherhood blog about an award someone got for being a great mom an I just wanted to vomit.  Are her kids really all that much better then mine?

Does she REALLY parent better then I do?

Is it possible she’s self promoting so much she maybe isn’t as good as a parent?

If I vomit, would I lose weight tomorrow?

Let’s face it, I am never going to get an award for being a great mom.  At least, not in a formal way.  It’s pretty rare people do, and very often, those who DO get it don’t deserve it.  Not meaning to say if you got an award you’re a crappy parent, just saying that some of those people are. :)

But there have been a few moments in my life that were more rewarding then any award.

I think I need to cherish those times more.

1.  When Conner did Willy Wonka.  I was just overcome by him being able to do solos and perform so well.  I just think it says something about a child who is that self-assured.  Also, it kind of came out of nowhere.  I was shocked by how well he did.

2.  I once got a letter thanking me for saving her grandchild’s life.  There was a prolapse cord, and her nurse was an idiot, and slow, and I jumped in and went into my usual action.  It’s a good feeling to know that someone’s happiness is because of you, and God — of course. :)

3.  When the people at the library remembered my kids because they come so often and complimented them on being such great readers.  Again, something really small but I HATE taking them to the library but I think it’s really important and so I go.

4.  Mormon helping hands day a year ago when each of the boys did a TON of work and just go to it and worked HARD.  I was impressed and several people mentioned what good workers they are.

So, as some things crumble, I can remember these times.  I am a great person, who won’t be justified any more by an award or a dinner.  I’m lucky to do what I do and have what I have.

And that is plenty of award or reward. :)  If only I could remember that.

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  1. says

    I deal with those kinds of feelings too…

    I think your amazing with your super smart kids, and big time PTA/PTO involvement, and your ability to do all of that without caving in at Starbucks, or going on a shopping spree. : )

    I hope you have a great mother’s day tomorrow!

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