A Belated photo Friday

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I couldn’t go this week without sharing some of the awesome pictures from my phone….

Guess who got over her fear of bikes this weekend and got on ol’ bessie.  Even with my little buddy (and pelvis ruiner) behind me.  She liked to pull my shirt up and draw on my back on the way back, and then twist my pants by pulling on my belt loops.  She’s fun.  BUT, we rode almost 7 miles.  Maybe a bit more.  If I’m not at church tomorrow, you’ll know why.  I literally feel like my tailbone is going to shoot out of my buttox.  Why on earth?  Either way it was a beautiful day today and I hope we can do it fairly often (in the mornings).

I’d always wanted to do something “fun” on the last day of school.  Last  year was pretty well crowned with me crying the entire day.  Yup, pretty fun.  I made it more fun this year, by making a little balloon banner, got the kids some summer snacks, a new wii game (that I found on clearance a while ago) and I bought the family a kindle… in hopes that Conner will find some joy in the classics you can get for free on there.  We also went swimming.  And then, I collapsed. :)

I made my first foray into Phoenix on the last day of school, with Drew.  We went to go pick up circus tickets!  Turns out that buying tickets with Ticketmaster was like double the price.  Stupid, stupid Ticketmaster.  We are excited.  We also ate at Matt’s Big Breakfast, which is the tiniest little breakfast place ever.  But, super popular.  It was very yummy.  Mom, you would love their potatoes.

Princess P looked awesome as usual….
 Here is Spencer and his Second grade teacher Mrs. Q. She was so sweet and loving, it was a great “landing” for him for 2nd grade. We are so glad for all the work she put into it. We will miss her!

School’s out, I’ve got lots of shifts scheduled for myself and hopefully some fun.  At least we know we’ll have the circus.  Hope you’re excited for summer too!

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    So that must be the teacher who resembled ‘Barbie.’ : ) She’s cute. I’m glad Spencer (and Conner) had a good year. Paige is looking TALL. I can’t believe you all are out already. Sounds like you have some fun things planned!

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