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Today’s Life Well Lived question is:

What are your best tips for keeping the clutter at bay with kids in the house? How do you help your kids develop good organizing skills?

Blech, what is this, like the 9 million dollar question?  I mean, if I had no kids or a husband my house would be consistently perfect — right?

For me, it’s all about giving them a space that they’re over.

And teaching them to “touch things once.”

Which means when you take off your shirt, doesn’t it make more sense to hang it up/throw it in the hamper instead of throwing it on the floor.  Touch each item just one time and get it done with, instead of multiple times (aka, body, floor, chair, bed, closet floor, {mom screams}, hanger).

My kids are required to “mommy clean” their rooms before they can do fun stuff on Saturdays.  This is pretty darn clean.  I just want stuff put away, and they’re not so great about it during the week.

Oh, and I actually give allowance for “putting things away after school”.  It’s one of their jobs and it’s actually REALLY helped in that instance.  otherwise they walk in the door, shed their skin and go looking for a Popsicle.

It’s always a work in progress, am I right? You can find out more info here, and even enter a sweepstakes!

oh, and this week’s weigh in was pretty sad.  Read all about my weight gain induced hearing loss over at my weight loss blog.

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