Courgage in College

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I remember the night before marching band camp (waiving to Megan).  Being SO worried about this new life I’d procured.Would people like me, would I make friends?  I mean, I was lucky — I could literally walk home and I knew a good number of people in the band already, some even from my own high school!

But I think I knew what a change it would be.

There are certain times in your life where you get to pick who you want to be.  There are enough new people that you can really change who you are.  Thta has happened to me 3 times in my life — college, moving to CA and moving to AZ.

In high school I was the dorky band geek girl.

In college I was the flirtacious nursing major who played piccolo on the side.  Emphasis on the flirt part.

I sometimes mention that if Drew and I had been in band together the 2 years he was on his mission he probably wouldn’t have dated me.  I had a good time.

A super mormon good time, but a good time. :)

I. LOVED. COLLEGE.  Well, most of it.

1.  I got stuck in a dorm with amazing people.  I ended-up not getting along with my actual apartment all that well my freshman year, and spend a lot of time up with other friends.  I count my blessings that they are a part of my life.  They are lifelong friends, who I am so grateful for.  And sometimes when life gives you lemons, you need to just go buy new fruit. :)  Hi Kendra and Melanie!

2.  I had picked my major in high school, but the women that I was now surrounded by were insane.  The average GPA at BYU’s nursing school is like 3.95 — I had a 3.8 and I was like the class dunce.  Life went on though.  I seem to have made it through all right. :)

3.  I’m surprised how anti-marriage my professors were.  I had one outright say I shouldn’t get married that it would ruin me.  SERIOUSLY?  At BYU.  Just a sidenote.  I got engaged my Jr Year and I then supported Drew until he graduated (and every day after that, but I digress), it really couldn’t have been more perfect!

4.  I’m just going to put a video here.  Anyone recognize this man?  If you do, it will suffice, and if you don’t — nevermind. :)

** In my defense someone was talking about her and I was looking around on her videos.  I knew he married her but I’m not sure I knew “how big” she had gotten.  This video sure gave me the giggles though.  Anyone remember him? Megan, do you remember the copper bowl? :) 

5.  I worked at the dorm cafeteria (a dorm I was too cheap to live in, btw).  I worked that job for a good 2 years.  Summers, winters, falls.  I was there.  It was a reminder to not be the people who’d chosen that for their occupation, I wanted more.  And I got more.  It also reminded me that BYU is a business and don’t forget it.

6.  I didn’t get into nursing school on my first try.  I wasn’t that devastated, I’d figured that would happen.  It gave me a semester to re-do my awful B- grades, and I took a first aid class that was super helpful as I learned the practical side to nursing (which you don’t really get in nursing school).  It gave me a sememster “off” before the grueling nursing program I entered in the fall.  Good stuff.  Good stuff that was hard medicine to take at the time.

7.  I was a MESS when I applied to nursing the second time.  I’m so glad I got in.  I’m not sure what/where I would be without it.  I remember the lady on the phone saying, “It looks like you got it, and Hilary I want you to know you do this on your own and we are SO proud of you.”  I later had teachers basically say that I only got into nursing because of my father (was a dean or a vice president at the time), and I’m grateful Linda said it on that phone call.  Screw MJJ. :)

8.  I LOVED living with roommates.  Did I love everything about it?  No. I hated sharing a fridge with 6 other girls.  But the commraderie and talking through problems with other women.  I think I found the sisters I’d never had.

9.  I had some doozies for roommates too, anyone remember the Italian Stallion? :)

10.  Nursing school was also the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  I mean that in a sigular short experience — because Motherhood hasn’t been a picnic, but it’s a long grueling road with no end — whereas nursing school was 2 years of torture.  I hate professors and nurses who felt it was their job to shove us in the dirt so we could be better.  A big part of me wants to teach nursing some day.  I want to make it fun, and build people up, not make them feel worse.  I think a lot can change in nurisng eduction.  Maybe I’ll be part of it someday. :)  And,  maybe not.  I don’t think I read a book for an entire year after nursing school.  I’d just had enough of filling my brain.

Anyway, I long for college sometimes.  Just being able to focus on myself, and yet still have all the autonomy of an adult (with the backings of parents when my roomamtes, say — light my dorm room on fire).  It was an amazing time.

I will say, if you’re in college and you’re reading this.  Make THE. MOST. of this time.  It won’t come again and you will miss it.  Find those women who show you who you are and how to be better.  Love them, do all the fun things you can because pretty soon things will be different.

So, what about you?  Did you love college?  Did you love me in college?

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    Thanks for the reminder. It’s hard at times to enjoy being single when eternal marriage is the goal.
    I think that’s one of life’s many lessons; that we choose to be happy wherever we are.

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