My Happily Ever After

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Drew came to Tempe long before I did.  He had an AMAZING experience at the high school and just knew it was the one.  Then, he informed me it was 80% which would put his salary about 50% of what he was making in California, meaning I’d have to get a job right off and we’d live like poor students for a year.  The amazing perk being that ASU was just up the road and he’d be gone EVEN. MORE.  YAY!!!  Every girl’s dream!

But, during a crazy Jillian workout I succumbed to the fact that this was the place for us.

I lived in misery.  I had no happily ever after.  I had to sell and buy a house and get a job. 

I was miserable.  I cried 3 to 4 times daily about what my life was going to turn into.

And then I flew here.  And I had my interview.  And I knew that was where I was supposed to be.  Part of me wondered if every interview would be like that, but I quickly realized that while the 2nd hospital was lovely it wasn’t my happily ever after.

And I guess I just wanted to say that while God may give you the faith to get through a situation, he IS going to give you your happily ever after.  Has this year been delicious?  Um, no.  But I’m just grateful I had that moment.  I am also grateful I was looking for it.  I remember calling my mom after just telling her how much I loved it.  I think it may have been a happily ever after moment for her too (because she happened to talk to me about once a day while I was crying prior to that).

Anyway, just puttin’ this story out there.  Hopefully it helps someone. :)

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