Photo Friday: Beaten like a Pinata.

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I swore I didn’t take any pictures at all, but lo and bheold there’s a few on my phone this week….

P has started coming to the bus stop with me and S.  S is pretty darn thrilled about it, they sit together on the rocks waiting for it.  P won’t leave until S is on the bus and it’s pulling away (unlike me who ran away as soon as I saw the bus coming).  I sure do hope someone with a 3rd grader moves in to the house down the road!

Our church had a cinco de mayo celebration, here’s P trying to brake the pinata.  I think the guy who was willing to stand behind them should get a tithing-free year.  Yikes!

Here’s P and some of her good buddies waiting in line.  She has so many good friends.  Love them, and her.  Mostly. :)

Well, that’s all.  Life is juts cruising along here in the desert.  School only has a few weeks left.  I’ve already scheduled out much of my June.  I sure hope I work a lot.  I do love the filthy lucre so very much. 
I would also like to ask if anyone saw Time Magazine’s cover this week?  I’m not going to show it because I personally think it’s kind of gross.  I mean, I just don’t think that you pull down your tank top, hoist your 4 year old up on a chair and say DRINK UP!  It did make me think about attachment parenting.  I think it really works for some women.  They love the feeling of that newborn and the newness of life.  And I just don’t.  I long for my schedule and for things to be “normal”.  And I think I was given kids who thrive with me.  SO, I don’t really like it when they say no bullies come from attachment parenting homes, because I disagree.  I think each mom has to do what works for her.  And preferably with her tank top over her bosom.
{jumping off soapbox}
Hope you guys had a great week!

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    I stumbled on your blog through a friend and I just have to say I LOVE your blog! I’m so glad I found it… I love that you are so honest and that you’re a nurse (nurses are the best!). Thanks for making me smile today :)

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