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I lunched today.  Not like my normal lunch where my child smears peanut butter on me until she feels it is sufficient.  It’s how regular people lunch.  In skirts.  Thank goodness the thought of a dress hit me this morning, I didn’t feel under-done.  Horray!

Anyway, as I was sitting there talking, they discussed what they were going to do for Junior High and stuff, and I started to get all anxious.  What if C isn’t in the right program or what if there’s something better out there, or what if I’m exceedingly lazy. 

Ok, no what-if there… I REALLY don’t want to TAKE him anywhere.  Ever. Again. :)

Fat chance on that, right?

Then they started to talk about college tuition and how much room and board was and I could just feel my heart climbing further and further up to my brain.

Mind you, this is an elementary PTO luncheon.

But I just had to talk myself off the wall.

I don’t know how a person can live WITHOUT faith.  It’s integral in me getting through my day.  I just have to have faith that I’m making good decisions for him.  There really are SO many paths to take.

Anyway, you eat an elephant one bite at a time right?  And, at least I wore a skirt today.   Small victories. :)

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