Might As Well Face it….

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I hear more and more about addiction on the news lately.

Addicted to food.  Addicted to sugar.  Addicted to porn.  Addicted to 50 Shades of Grey.

I’m bugged by them outlawing large drinks in NYC.  I mean, we seriously need a LAW to outlaw DRINKS?

Blah, blah, blah.

A friend sent me this article to peruse.  I love how the rats ignore eating and just keep hitting the button for their pleasure sensors thousands of times a day.  I know how this feels. I think we all do.

But that article was about video games, and I have 2 little gamers who would spend their life’s duty playing games.  They love the computer, the wii, the DS, and all that is button-driven.

And I worry about it, a lot.

But isn’t addiction part of the plan?

My dad gave a devotional at BYU while I was there (I said the prayer… take that!) about how so many people say it’s in their genes to be pre-disposed for a certain problem.  But YOU are the one making the choice day in and day out.  It’s entitled “Remember that Ye are Free to Choose”.

I’m free to choose, to win or lose…. no matter who…. oh crap, now I need to see if it’s on Youtube….

Ok, I’m not finding it (Mormon reference to awesome Seminary film strips of the 80’s).

ANYWAY.  I think my job as a human is to overcome my urge to view pintrist all day, or fix my sprinkler system while voiding out everything else (because I could).  It’s also my job as a parent to teach my kids to do similar things.

I am tired of us making rules for everything.  And I am also tired of our healthcare/welfare system that practically rewards people for eating too much.  They both bug me. 

But I personally, have a super addictive personality.  Give me a bag of cheetos and you might as well open the cupboards and pour the contents into my mouth.  They are the gateway to all evil for me.

Speaking of which, it’s national doughnut day.

I just think we need to think about improving PEOPLE more then improving LAWS.

And that is all. :)

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  1. says

    I agree! People need to turn to their Maker to overcome addictions, that’s the best way to get help!


  2. says

    Moderation in all things, right?! No jumping off the deep end, on either side, if you know what I mean. There are SOOO many things that I could be addicted to. Ok, so maybe sooo many things that I *am* addicted to. But, it’s up to me to get over it, not the law system!

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