Photo Friday: Staycation…

Wait, if I’m working is it still a staycation?

I feel like it’s a vacation, and I want to spend money like it’s a vacation.  Except when I’m at work.  Then, not so much.

So, we’ve done some fun stuff in the area:

Drew and El Presidante went to scout camp, and they both came back alive. :)

This past week we went to the musical instrument museum.  I’m not sure it’s the best choice of museum for little kids, as you pretty well can’t touch anything til’ you get the experimentation area, but it was fun anyway.  Just sayin’ if you have a rowdy crazy kid… I’d hold off.  BUT, when the parents come I’m gonna recommend it to them.

Princess P, by the way, is in love with the Ukulele… I’m talking IN. LOVE.  It was amusing.

Here’s El Presidante with his musical instrument of choice:

Everyone wears headphones, and the music comes on as you get close to an exhibit.  That part was pretty cool.

We also did sea monkeys.  Man, they’re getting pretty big.  Anyone want to house them while we’re gone for a bit this summer?  They’re pretty low maintenance and interesting…

I have real photos on my real camera, but someone’s supposed to work today so I’d probably get some “real” stuff done too.
Happy summer!
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