Put Your Head Down

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Work’s been crazy.  Not sure if it’s a new reality for us, or if it’s just a bump in the road.  BUT, it’s been insane.  Sometimes I feel like an ox.  I’m just supposed to put my head down and work.  Honestly, when you take that as your policy it often gets you through.

Too many times I put my head up and see what everyone else is doing.

That’s a mistake.

I make the same mistake at home.

I mean, really — if everyone had their head down and just worked, and if the work wasn’t there — we could help others, wouldn’t live go so well?

Of course, I’ve been thinking a lot about last year.  I remember working a ton and packing when I wasn’t working and constantly being in movement.  But, I made it through my just working, and working and working.  And it got us here.

This isn’t to say that we need to work all the time, but I think when we work, we work hard, and when we play we play hard.

and I wish someone in this house would nap hard…. and that’s not me.

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