Sister Wives Returns

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I was finally able to catch up with Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robin.

I have missed them.

Sometimes I wish I could “plug” myself into other people’s heads as they watch things — especially that show.

For me, these women are really similar to the ones I grew up with.  They are women of faith and of family.  They really think they’re doing the right thing.  And they have times where they can’t stand their husband, and so do I.  It just so happens they hate their husband for marrying another woman, and I just hate him for not taking out the trash on time.  Turns out I’m petty.

NEWFLASH, I am petty.

Anyway, here’s my thoughts, in no particular order:

1.  I’m proud of Janelle.  She’s working at the whole changing her lifestyle to promote weight loss thing.  Turns out, Janelle left Kody for like 2 years after her last one was born.  Then, he bought the house for all of them to live, and she came back. ALSO turns out (because I was snooping on the Internet too) that Janelle used to be married to Meri’s brother, got divorced and later married Kody.  AND her mom is married to his dad.  How’s that for a family tree.  I’m your aunt and your mom and your grandma and your cousin and your… well, you get the picture.  I am guessing she has a whole boat load of issues (not unlike most of us, but I think there’s a high chance she has a few more) that she’s working through and trying not to use food as a crutch).

2.  I feel sorry for Christine.  I honestly don’t know how you can REALLY work on a marriage, when you have one wife who just had a baby and 2 other ones in the wings.  She’s hoping time will heal it.  Time does heal many things, but she’s obviously VERY hurt, and he’s not really making things better.  I do agree with Meri that the only person you can fix in a marriage is yourself… but when you’re married to Kody…. uh, huh — you get the picture.  Good luck to her.  I’d love to be her friend, she’s spunky and a good mom.

3.  I see them living polygamy, but I don’t really see them living much more of their faith.  Church, prayer, all that kind of jazz.  They did celebrate Hanukkah.  Bully for them. :)  I think they’re all about faith, but they’re not really living faith.  I dunno, maybe they don’t show it.

4.  I hope they find houses.  I mean, the only perk I see to having sister wives is having them nearby to help out.  Across a few blocks isn’t much of a perk.

5.  Again, I tell you that we Mormons have this whole sister wife sans sex with the husband thing worked out.  I feel like many of us are husbandless for a time, and I just see people jumping in to help out — looking for needs.

6.  How in the heck are they making money?  I don’t get it.  I guess just the show?  I hope so, I want them to get houses together.

7.  If my kid punched my other kid and drew that much blood, I think they’d have to do more then hug.  These kids have a lot of aggression.  I don’t blame them, their family situation is hard.  I also see that one playing video games almost constantly.  I think Mr Sax might have something to say about that.

The truth is I find these women to be smart, intelligent women trying to live their faith.  I am not sure what part of their life is faith and what part is tradition.  I make a pretty firm distinction between the two in my own mind.  I think you can live a hard tradition for only so long, but faith brings happiness and joy.  I hope they have plenty of that too.

Have you watched this season?  Do you have thoughts?

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    I’m glad its back too. Its my guilty pleasure. I don’t know if Christine will ever get over it… I don’t know that I could.

    I’m still not a big Robin fan… she’s nice enough… but she messed up their system… and she cries way too much.

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