Summer Fun

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In keeping with my “word” of the year I’m trying to keep this summer “abundant” without spending a ton.  There are a few museums we’d like to try, so we’re saving our pennies for those.  Here’s a few things we’ve done to keep it interesting:

1.  Sea Monkeys – Mr Middle got these for his birthday and has wanted to have a “pet” out of them for a while so we finally started them today.  I ALWAYS wanted these when I’d read my Archie comic books in the car on long trips {note to self, get some comic books for our car trips — I always loved those!}. Wondering if they’ll be anywhere near as cool as the pictures. :)  Have any of you ever done them?

2.  We’re trying to learn to be better artists.  One day a week we have “art” — I’m pulling out some drawing books like this one, and using different mediums.  It forces me to find something “fun” and different to do.  I have also pinned a few things on pintrist and I’m hoping to get the supplies to do them soon.

3.  Fitness testing.  I know, super lame, but it gets the kids up and moving.  WE have PE twice a week and on Mondays we do fitness testing, and the other day we try to find a sport to try out.  I wish we had badmitton rackets… I love that game.  Anyway, I know last week they played basketball.  This, sadly needs to be done pretty dang early.  I need to figure out what I’m doing tomorrow.  Fitness testing includes how many pullups, situps and knee ups they can do, as well as how long they can hold the plank and how long it takes them to run the block.  Princess P too.  She’s pretty funny doing situps.  And, guess who did 30 jumps with the jump rope the other day.  I almost died.  But that’s WAY more then I could do last summer.  I should practice….

4.  I’m trying to do music the other day during the week.  Not really sure what to do for this.  I’ve thought about going through the scales and talking about major and minor.  There’s also different styles of music and maybe just some dancing.  Anyone done fun music things during the summer?  Sheesh, I’m married to a music teacher!  I hope he has big plans! :)

5.  On the days I’m home we’re still trying to do science.  Today was the sea monkeys.  We also tried this that SO many people have pinned on pintrist.  The obleck was fun — but it did NOT work on the speakers like she shows.  The kids were crazy disappointed, but life goes on, right?  There was some rippling and we tried a TON of different megahertz, but we were able to talk a little bit about sound waves and of course the obleck is fun jumping or not.  I want to make the obleck again just for playing with another day — this recipe is REALLY thick, so not quite as fun as it could be otherwise.  I also am looking for lots of other ideas, and pinning them.

A girl at work had a giant eye roll when I told her about our summer plans, that summer is a time to live free and easy with no plans.  I should say that all of this takes about two hours in the mornings and then the rest of the day is pretty loosey-goosey.  I like trying new things with my kids and honestly, if I didn’t have a schedule (printed out, and pasted in Mr Middle’s book) I might not really get to it.  I mean, if I had my choice I’d lay on the couch watching Farm Girls all week… :)

What are you doing?  Do you have ideas for us?

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  1. Irene says

    You can borrow our 3 badminton rackets anytime. Bought 4 at Goodwill, 1 already ruined. And we have some birdies from the dollar store. No net, though. We just hit them around outside. You can also come here to play tennis any time you’d like. No one ever does, and there are 2 courts. Sorry, no tennis rackets or tennis balls I can offer you, though. Have fun!

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