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It’s true, I had another Sister Wives Marathon yesterday, before heading to work.  It’s good I did because I ended-up staying late.  I needed my “completely stupid” tank filled before I headed off. :)

A few thoughts:

1.  Why don’t they just build a gigantic house?  I mean, I really thought what they did have in the old house was perfect.  Wings for everyone and just call it good.  I somehow have it in my head that one house would be cheaper then 4 lots…. but I digress.  Thoughts? 

2.  I hate how he’s pressuring Mary.  I mean, part of me thinks he wants to get Robin pregnant again, hence the pressure, but I do get it.  I just think it’s weird, but I think I may just be biased with that Kody…

3.  They do have pretty decent teenagers.  They seem to make an alright product, which is often an indicator of the process.  I was creeped out when the dad said he wanted to know if they were kissing anyone.  Dear Dad, I would’ve rather pulled a Romeo and Juliette then come tell you I was kissing someone, just so we’re clear.

4.  Comcast cut a lot of the episodes short for some reason.  Mean Comcast.

5. How are they surviving?  I mean, I guess he “markets”… I live in a bubble where my job is actual work so I’m not sure what he’s doing, or any of the rest of them are doing.  I hope someone starts doing some actual work soon.  I don’t need another Jon and Kate on my hands….

I still like the show.  I’m getting bored with the “find a house” plot line.  I hope that gets resolved asap.


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    I hadn’t ever watched any of these but had read your thoughts and stuff before. Then a few months ago we got Netflix and I watched them all. Now I can’t stop LOL. I remember them saying something in a previous episode about how zoning laws won’t allow them to build a house like they had in Utah with that many different kitchens and stuff. Although I don’t understand why they don’t just have one ginormous kitchen in the middle and each of them take one night to cook, with 4 separate wings. Or even 2 houses, for that matter, with the basement apartment thing. Even that would be better than 4 houses. They keep saying they want their family together – 4 houses in the same cul-de-sac is STILL 4 different houses.

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    The more I watch this the more I just don’t get them. I mean, out of one side of their mouth they are saying they believe the Book of Mormon, and Joseph Smith and all the beginnings, but then out of the other side of their mouth they say they would be totally accepting if, say, a child is openly gay…they accept all lifestyles. So where is eternal marriage and authority and all that? Oh, and in one episode Christine was drinking coffee, and yet in this last episode they basically talk about obeying the word of wisdom. There seems to be lots of bad decisions and contradictions in that family.
    Also, I wonder if they even get that the LDS church still believes in plural marriage as a true principal…just does not practice it at this time (and I hope to heaven never in my lifetime…)
    the more i watch the less i understand them.

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    I hate to admit this…but I was glad Kody was pressuring Meri. Let’s face it. They’re not young and they don’t really have time to take months to decide. Just the IVF and fertility treatment process alone can be quite lengthy. I think Meri is just afraid of dealing with the possibility of the treatments not be successful (not her excuse of being too old to start over in life). And I don’t blame her. Having gone through years of infertility, it’s physically, emotionally, and spiritually draining.

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