What We Can Learn from Ann Curry

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First off, I love Ann Curry I’m a huge Today show viewer… I miss Katie, but Anne always seemed to be Katie’s more responsible and concerned sister.

She’s perfect for the news desk.  I was a little surprised they didn’t try her in the main role when Katie left, but when they put her as the Anchor when Merideth left I still just felt like she was a bit too responsible…. somewhat awkward.  Still amazing and such a fantastic person, just maybe not the right fit.

So, when I saw ratings were down, and NBC gave her the boot to a different spot I felt bad for her.  I felt REALLY bad when I saw her goodbye on the Today Show.  Here’s this perfectionist getting fired from what she considers her dream job.  It has to have hurt.  To be frank, it was awful TV.  She’s been with that “business” for 20 years and they give her the boot just like that… ouch.

But then it clicked for me.

The truth, to me, is that Ann was MEANT to do the reporting that she’s being sent to do now.  International stories, stories that touch your heart and really bring the world into your view.  THAT is her thing.  Interviewing Maroon 5, umm… not so much.

I think it’s just a reminder that sometimes it hurts to get booted to the thing that really is for you, which is obvious to everyone else, but not so much to your eyes.

It sounds like Savannah Guthrie is going to replace her (I felt bad for her yesterday, and she was wearing glasses, I wonder if she didn’t sleep well, hence no contacts).  We’ll just have to see how she fits in.  I like her alright.  But I will miss Ann (I secretly wish they could somehow bring Katie back, I sure do miss her!).

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