And a Broken Leg Makes it All Better…

Ok, I don’t think it’s broken.  It’s passed the 3 step test (although initially it did NOT… but I’m getting ahead of myself).

So, there’s been motherloads of fighting around here.  Kid to kid, kid to parent, kid to kid, parent to parent… you get the idea.  The beginning of school tends to culminate in much of the “honey do” list ending in the “honey could care less” pile… and I tend to blow up.  Set your watch by it.

Anyway, I’ve just been wondering about my kids, do they love each other, is this the same way that myself and my brother yelled at each other?  Do they need cages?

They, by some miracle, were all out riding bikes (and I was writing my blog about carb fast week #1).  Spencer comes scootering to the back door saying, “mom, come quick, Conner hurt his ankle — and it’s bad”)

{immediately my head goes to our crappy insurance… it is a worry for me, but I’m having to let it go as we have a lot of other things that are taking up my will to live instead of that}

I go out, and he looks perfectly fine, I help him him inside, we pull off his sock and yuck it’s a MESS.  There’s black and blue and blech already!  He won’t walk on it.  What a nightmare.  But princess P and Mr middle are rushing around getting things for him, they are BANDING together.  Just as the thick got extra thick.

I propped it up on a couple of pillows and then put frozen peas on it (wrapped in a dish towel, you don’t want ice directly on broken skin) and set a timer for 20 minutes.  After 20 minutes, we did a test to see if he could walk on it, and he can.  I think he just ran into the pedal pretty hard.  I think we’re OK but we’ll do ice on and off until he goes to bed.

Anyway, somehow I feel better just knowing when the going gets tough, the tough get going.  Sad that it took something like that to make me feel better.  But it did.  Sad and all. :)

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    So sorry about Conner! But, so glad that they worked together to help him. That is exactly how our kids are too. At least we know they really do love each other, underneath all that fighting! Hope Conner is up and at ’em again soon.

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