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My scale has some very ugly numbers.  Especially the # in the 10’s place.  I didn’t think I’d ever see that number again.

But, after a long trip of yummy food, half of which were buffets, I’d SWEAR I am aghast at myself.  I did enjoy the trip though, and I am glad for that.

But I have to get ahold of myself.  My clothes aren’t fitting and I am NOT proud of that, nor am I buying larger clothes.  SO, I’m doing something I swore I’d never do.

I’m doing a carb fast.

I am including fruit, mostly because it’s frankly Arizona here.  I will need cool sweet things to get me through the grueling heat that is sure to pierce my home this week.  But, I can’t have popcicles.  {so, so sad}  Here are my 7 goals for this week:

1.  Eat only fruits, vegetables, proteins and a bit of fats.  I can go crazy on good fats, but I only want an ounce of cheese or so in my daily diet.  I can easily see this turning into the “Hilary melts cheese until it is crispy in a pan and then eats it diet”… and while I think that would be time well spent, it isn’t healthy.  I am also not going to eat any sugar replacements — no splenda or agave… no sugars.  End of story.

2.  3 serious workouts, on days that I don’t workout with a DVD I’d like to do something active with my kids.  Most likely wii because, well, it is Arizona (although I heard it’s supposed to rain this week, glory be!)

3.  Ab workouts daily.  Uh, the muffin top is so tasty when covered with crumbly bits of yummyness.  Not so much over my pants.  I plan to do the CFS method daily.  It’s only like 9 minutes but I think it’s a winner and she inspires me to hold my gut in all day.

4.  Biggest loser — I love biggest loser, and I am pretty sure there’s a season I haven’t watched yet that’s available on hulu.  It’s always inspiring.  I think it will my “lunch hour” show.

5.  The couch is not my friend.  Here’s my biggest problem.  I’m up early, I work out I race around getting my “chores” done and then I just want to lay on the couch and die all afternoon.  And I often do, watching crappy tv.  I’m a huge proponent of needing a little “me” time with the boob tube, but I need to limit it to an hour in the day, and then an hour at night.  Period, end of story.

6.  Track.  It sounds like myfitnesspal is the best one to use.  I need to get it on my phone ASAP.  While I am planning on eating on those 3 things I still want to track.  It’s just a good habit.  I want to track at least through August.  Does anyone else use this app?  Can we be friends?  How’s that work?

7.  1/2 hour of one on one time with each kid, every day.  I think this may help with #5, and for various reasons I think it’s necessary.  The fighting around here has reached its limits and I think some one on one time with each kid is necessary.  I’m serious about setting a timer and doing it.  I am glad I don’t have more then 3 kids with this goal. :)  It’s not particularly fitness related, but it is one of my goals.

I need to fix this.  NEED.  I can’t buy new clothes. I’ve already re-bought at my size 12 size and I don’t need to buy at the size 14 size. 

I want to fix this.  I want to show myself that I am the ruler of my body.  I’m not ruled by the food.  And frankly, there are SO many tasty options out there to eat I don’t know why on earth I feel compelled to make bad choices.  Ok, I do — it’s called eating out.  But, there’s none of that this week.

These aren’t long term fixes.  Eliminating carbs (except for fruit) isn’t really a great plan, I’m aware… but I think it’s something I can be strict about.  I plan on no other carbs this week, and next week allowing beans and quinoa and the next week maybe allowing complex carbs.  Do you think that will work?  Thoughts on that?

Anyway, this is usually a post relegated to my weight loss blog but I wanted to put it out there for the larger readership of this blog.  I plan to do daily posts on the weight loss blog about what I’m eating and how it’s going.  You can always see new posts on the right hand side — where I link to it.

I’m going to print out these goals and put them by my bed now.  I’m going to be accountable on this thing.  Wanna join me?  Any other input would be great too! :)

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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    I’m a big fan of limiting carbs. That, and not eating past a certain time of night. It makes a big difference, at least for me. But sometimes when I start healthy eating, it takes my body & the scale a little time to get on board. Just don’t give up if being so restrictive doesn’t produce immediate results! You’ll do great at this, especially since you’re putting yourself out there & sharing w/others. It makes you accountable–good move.

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