I Can’t Stand You.

TEe hee, nice title, right?

I have been pondering about getting along with people.  This year, while meeting new people I have had a lot of first impressions.  Not all were favorable.  I tend to sum people up pretty darn well in a first meeting, but I have been grossly wrong a few times here.

But, I also really try and give people the benefit of the doubt, and not burn any bridges  for a bit.

But, then there’s people you have to deal with and you have to learn how to get along.

And I’m just not sure that I’m all that great at it.  I do it with patients, but that’s only for like 12 hours and I can stand in the bathroom and silently scream how much they bother me. 

That doesn’t work for long term things.

So, what do you do when you can’t stand someone, but you have to deal with them long term?  There’s no getting out of it, or just not being around them?

Am I shallow, should I just perfect myself and love everyone?


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  1. says

    “should I just perfect myself and love everyone?”

    Yep. Jesus said love everyone, treat them kindly too…

    Not to say it’s easy, but we certainly shouldn’t make excuses for not being able to stand someone. I always try to pray for the ability to see that person the way the Lord does.

    Still hard, especially when there is a particularly difficult person in your life, but worth working on.

  2. says

    There will always be people you clash with- don’t mesh with. You don’t have to LOVE love them, but you can tolerate and through prayer come to love something about them. My advice… Be polite and decide to find something that you appreciate about that person that you can hang onto until you have a chance to find other good qualities. Then pray for the ability to love that person. In my situation, I had to start by praying for the desire to love before I could even begin praying to increase my love. Keep your expectations reasonable. Expect this to take time and see it as a process so you don’t get down on yourself.

  3. says

    I pretend their life is like a Lifetime movie, and there’s so much behind the scenes that if I knew about it, I’d feel softer towards them. Then grin and bear it. Sometimes you just gotta deal.

    Want me to come punch somebody for ya?

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