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I think it’s pretty obvious….

BUT, sometimes I read mom blogs, especially Mormon mom blogs and I get this sense that although they try to slip in the fact that they MAY not be perfect, with perfect children, their blog seems to the reflect the fact that they are, in fact a perfect family.

And that’s just not me.  If you ever get that sense, please comment, tell me you hate me — I won’t be offended.  Sometimes you write down the perfect moments to savor them, but there is plenty about us I’d love to change.

Do you sometimes read blogs and toss your cookies in your mouth?  I do… ūüėČ

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Too Fast


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    I stopped reading most blogs a long time ago, for that very reason. I keep up on yours and one other because the posts are real, not trying to be perfect. I don’t write a blog because I’d feel like I need/want to hide our imperfections and we just have too many of them. The older my first born got, the less I felt I knew about parenting. I’m getting my footing back now, but it wasn’t pretty thee for a few years. Then there’s marriage stuff which I would question whether I should even write about, so I just don’t write at all. When I read blogs where families run as smooth as silk and the moms are so productive all the time, I wonder if things are really that perfect or are there important relationships getting less attention than they need to survive. I tried to live that kind of life and had to cut down on activities because I felt frazzled by dinner and there was still more to do, not to mention how expensive it is to have multiple kids in multiple activities.

  2. says

    I hate that, not only about blogs, but just about people presenting themselves so perfectly & not being real. One of my pet peeves. I feel like it’s so much the culture here, & it drives me crazy! There, enough ranting for the day. . . :)

  3. says

    You know what’s funny? Occasionally, I feel like I’m too NEGATIVE. (Although, sometimes I don’t end up posting my belly aching.) : ) My mom, on the other hand, always says that my blog gives the impression that I’m very together and that it could be intimidating. I’m like, WHAT??

    I’ve heard different viewpoints on this. I think some people enjoy, commiserate (sp) and get a laugh out of reading and writing the ‘real.’ Others find it a drag and want to focus on just the good in themselves and others. (Or they don’t want to share anything too negative about their family/kids with thinking maybe it’s too personal.)

    Anyway, the perfect stuff doesn’t bother me too much, but I do enjoy a good dose of reality.

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