Do you ever wonder how each person you meet leaves a footprint on your life? I am not sure that people around me know how I watch & learn from each of them.

Lately, it’s been a real priviledge to sit back & see some of my favorite people and think about how they have touched my life…

Sometimes I think what differs those that succeed from those that don’t is their ability to learn from others, and not just actual teachers.  I see people at work who continually make the same mistakes as those around them…

I script a lot in my life.  How situations could have gone better, how I wish my kids would react, how other people could have handled things differently…

Anyway, just some random Sunday thoughts.

A lot of the time I sit bac & wonder how I got so lucky to have these amazing people around me, & I know that it’s because of them that I am who I am.

Awfully lucky…..

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    Have you ever thought that maybe you have so many amazing people in your life because you’re amazing too?
    Pretty sure that’s why…

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