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Reunited and it feels so good!

Or, does it?

Anywho… Drew’s family does a giant reunion with his mom’s family.  We do it every 2 years.  Uh huh, yup.  We do.

Somehow I have very few photos, which kind of makes me sad…  I wish I had more.

Drew’s sister came up with a great minute to win it game.  We all had a great time doing it.

His cousin Margie did a ton of fun games for the littles.  Princess P had a great time searching through paper shreds to find treasures.

There’s always a pinata.  Margie, I am pretty sure gets combat pay for that one.  Right?

Conner obviously had a lot of spare time….

There’s a lot of this:

The kids also do a water slide down the hill using irigation water, they adore it.  It tuckered them out something fierce. :)  We even slept down at the pond (Drew’s parents have a pond on their farm that we use for this fine event).
Here the kids are with Drew’s parents.
Here they are with the silo in the backyard…   P obviously couldn’t get enough of it. :)

Anyway, it was super fun.  Drew has 5 sisters, so I’m not going to pretend that this reunion is a walk in the park for me every time.  I’m not a huge reunion fan in general.  I LOVE getting together with my family, but something about the word reunion…  somehow the extended togetherness is a lot on a person’s soul.
If I still have a soul after that week. :)

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    Our first family reunion will be next year. I’m excited at this point, as we barely begin the planning and put down a deposit on our venue. We’ll see as it gets closer. Why is it always more work for the women? Where’s the circle of ladies sitting in chairs with their hands folded behind their heads?

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