Showing Self Control

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Self control is actually a bit of a theme around here lately.  One partiular child recently shared with me the fact that he can’t control himself.  I told him he was the ONLY one who could control himself.  He said he just couldn’t.

I get it.

I get wanting to rip that bag of oreos open and swim within the bounds of the tasty middle cream, but I don’t.  Of course, this is only day one of the crazy diet. :)

I have times in my life where I’ve showed crazy amounts of self control.  Nursing school, potty training, when I had gestational glucose intolerance….

And this week I’m thinking back to those times, knowing that I can DO this.

But, I’m not sure he knows of times he’s showed self control.  This child.  How do you teach them self control.  He’s actually GREAT about self control with food.  I need to follow him on that, but how can you help someone gain self control.


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    Love this. it really is all the same isn’t it…wheather its food or stealing, or potty-mouth, or worse, it’s all about overcoming the natural man that wants instant gratification, there are lots of scriptures about that. and conference talks. and prayer helps a lot. A LOT.

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