While I Eat My Fruit Salad

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You know, those wiggles really were right.  Fruit salad is yummy, yummy.  And Mashed potatoes are mashed potatoes… potato… potato, potato, potato….

Here I am on carb fast day #1 (you can read about day #1 here)… I get easily sidetracked.

But, I’ve had some thoughts today.  Like, if I’ve been a mother this long why is it….

1.  Why is it that I still have a fear of scissors.  P still hasn’t picked up a pair.  I still cut out everything for her.  She’s 3, by jove.

2.  Why is it that my 8 year old still wants me to tie his shoes?  I hate tying shoes.  Am I the only one?  My kids are just awful at it!

3.  Why does seeing popcicle juice on my patio bother me, why am I just not happy it’s not on my tile floor inside where I have to clean it?

4.  Why do I think I can ever leave my kids alone, in almost silent conditions and not expect something bad to happen… like someone “borrowing” my credit card for internet possibilities…. {no, it’s not as bad as it sounds, or maybe it is….}

5.  Why does girls hair still mystify me.  I juts can’t get the hang of it — although Princess P has two piggies looking awfully adorable today, although not that even or well done.  Celebrate the small miracles, right?  I need a tutorial on SIMPLE girls hair, not a french braid that wraps around their entire body, using pubic hair, ending in being woven through their toes.

And that is all.  My fruit salad is over.  I’m having good results from this little plan of mine.  I’m not totally sure it’s a “plan” but it’s all mine, right? :)

Oh wait, one other query — why are haboobs called haboobs?  Anyone know?  I do know that this one we saw on Saturday night made Drew and I re-think date night.  They’re scary looking!

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