Being Mormon in America

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I just finished watching Mormon in America on Rock Center last night.  All in all a pretty positive overview of the church.  I was thankful how in depth the look was at our humanitarian work.  I think the bishop’s storehouse is a marvel of giving.  It is truly how Christ would act if he were here on earth.

I did have a few problems:

LDS women not in “leadership” — uh-huh… yea, we sure don’t do much in this church.  Apparently that woman had never been in primary, or Young Women’s, relief society or a ward party.  I get tired of women who say it’s not fair that we don’t get “leadership” roles or the priesthood.  Honestly, then just work harder in the things you ARE doing.  I think maybe they’re not busy enough because the absolute LAST thing I want to be on this earth is a bishop.  Well, except for a minion of Satan.  I guess I’d rather be bishop then that. :)

Jon Huntsman’s daughter bugged me to no end.  As if she hadn’t heard her entire life that she would miss out on blessings by marrying a non member.  That bishop just said what every young women leader had said her entire 6 years in young women’s.  And the truth is she probably, in her heart, does miss a lot of the things that she had growing up.  Maybe she doesn’t, but either way, I have NO idea why they interviewed her.  She bugged me.  The other truth is that she could have easily stayed in the church while married to a non-member.  Plenty of women do it, and they are amazing.  The truth also is the probably that her father was a bishop and said the exact same things to other young girls.  I have a very hard time with people who have left the church acting like they know what Mormons are thinking.   Anyone else bugged like crazy by her?  Maybe it was her eyelashes… 

I actually really liked the guy from the Book of Mormon musical.  I think living gay in this church is near impossible, and can only be done by obedience and a extremely strong hold of the gospel of Jesus Christ, much stronger then I most likely have.  He still seems to know it’s true, but can’t reconcile it with his heart.  I get that.

The thing with being Mormon in America is truly that you are either in, or you are you are out.  There’s no Easter and Christmas Mormons.  We make promises in the temple (hence the garment, it’s a reminder of the promises we make in the temple) and you are either working hard to live up to those promises, or you are not.  And you’re chosing it, no one else is. 

Do I want this “Mormon Moment?”  Am I thrilled by our church’s moment in the press.  That’s a big no.  That isn’t to say that I don’t share that I’m LDS (because the church’s actual name is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) with most people who know me on any level of friendship.  I do, but I want them to know me as a normal person who strives to be good, honest, fun and loving.  I also have funny underwear, aren’t I snazzy! :)  I think that the Mormon Moments comes as people realize that those who often volunteer amongst them are LDS.  I don’t think they come from the mainstream media.  It’s nice, but it always makes me nervous.

I think each Mormon kind of has their moment (or moments, but I had mine) where they decide that following Jesus is more important then what they want to do.  I think we often make those small decisions daily/weekly (going to church, holding scripture study with our family) — but there seem to be BIG moments in everyone’s life where they make that choice.  I, honestly, don’t think that’s a choice most people have the conviction to make, so I am proud to say I am Mormon.  And lucky to be so.

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  1. Krista says

    I feel the same way when I watched this, Lots of positive things said about the church, and the Huntsman girl BUUUUUGED me to NO end too, and no I don’t think it was just her lashes. There are lots of women married to non-members, she just made it seem like the Bishop told her she COULDN’T be married to one. She was very misleading in how she talked about certain things. Other than her, I thought it was great!
    Jeff asked me last night if I felt cheated in not having the Priesthood, and I aked him if he felt cheated he couldn’t have babies… and then we laughed.
    Thanks for this post!

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