Thursday, August 23, 2012


Blech.  I'm on instagram.  Just a sheep, following the crowd.

But, I must admit I really like visually following my friends on their day.  I'm gonna try and take a photo a day with this thing, it's fun to do...

Anyway, I put it in my sidebar (so far, super boring, no shocker there), if you want to add it to your blog I found an easy way at snapwidget.

Come follow me @hillyut on instagram!



  1. Do I need to use the word whatevsies again? :)

    I joined Instagram June 2011...I don't know if that makes me a sheep or not, I just was looking for photo apps. But I really love it. And I have renewed my love for it this last vacation. Glad you're finally here, even if that makes you a sheep.

  2. PS Thanks for the Instagram widget thingy. It's going right on my blog.


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