Mormon in America: Money

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Mormons pay tithing.  That’s 10% of your “increase” — and your “increase” is pretty well left to be defined by yourself.  Most people pay it off of gross or net income — whatever you feel best about.  Personally, I have an intricate algorithm of variables that defines mine off my paycheck.  In case you care. :)

We also go without 2 meals a month and give that money (or a lot more then that money) to the church in  “fast offerings” to feed the poor in our community.

We also pay for our own missions, help build the temples and all sorts of other stuff.

Suffice it to say, the church can be quite a money drain.

I once had friends do an intervention on me one day at work.  Just asking me to question why I give tithing and how these people had hoodwinked me into giving them all my money.

Do I adore writing the tithing check?  Meh, not so much.  I don’t really think about it anymore and I hope to ingrain that in my kids.  It’s just something you do.

I was thinking about the things I do and how, maybe, I don’t see the blessings of them because they’re stuff I just ALWAYS do.

I don’t have any miraculous experiences of things magically being paid for, but I can testify that we have always been fine.  I am guessing that I don’t see the amazing blessings possibly because I am often offered shifts at the right time.  I just don’t see it as a miracle, when maybe it is.  We had a few years of great prosperity that prepared us for this move.  I felt compelled to save a great portion of that money, but I used enough to make me feel like we’d gotten somewhere.

I just know that by paying into the church God makes sure we’re taken care of.  100%.

I think when one looks at Mitt Romeny they might see someone who has a ton of money.  I think they don’t think about the enormous amount of charity that he does with his money or his time.  I think they might look at their beautiful homes but don’t really think that they probably never had a nanny or a personal chef.  Sure, they’re rich but I don’t think they’ve defined their lives through excess.  I think they know that by being good stewards of what they have they will be blessed, and be able to bless others more abundantly.

What do you think about tithing?  Do you think the church is just flush with funds?  I’m giving a bunch of 4 year olds the lesson on Sunday about tithing, I’d love to hear what you think!

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    I’ve always liked the picture of the pizza that is cut into 10 slices and one is being taken out. The caption says something like “Heavenly Father has given us the WHOLE pizza, we should at least give him a slice in return.”

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