Mormon in America: Inequality

Besides wanting to tell that “Mormon feminist” that there is work enough to do and she should start pitching in more instead of thinking so darn much about how hard it is to be a woman…

Women can’t have the priesthood in our church.

That, my friends, is never going to change.  Unless we get to a point where a baby can be attached to the testicles for their placenta and grow in the abdomen, which seems pretty sketchy — so I think I’m safe to say never.

Here’s my little opinion.  Men need something to strive for.  The service aspect of priesthood (which is pretty well all aspects of the priesthood) gives them that.  They are able to look beyond themselves and their desire to watch movies, play video games and generally lounge, when off work, and see that there’s “more” to what they have to do.

And the reality is that the bishop is fairly similar to the PTA president.  There’s a LOT about staffing the ward and figuring out how everyone’s doing.  There are amounts of counseling and administrative jobs like paying bills, etc.  But, I don’t know what school has 9 million people clamoring to be the PTA president, not anyone I’ve been to!

He doesn’t sit around and micromanage everyone’s job.  He’s just glad someone is DOING the job.

Women are very much in the decision making process.  The bishop most likely has a wife that he get some council from, along with women in charge of the children, the young women and the women’s organization.  We’re in every aspect.

When you really get into the inner workings, we’re still running the church.  We’re making sure things get done and doing them correctly.  We just don’t have the titles.

That isn’t to say that the bishop doesn’t have a REALLY BIG job.  We are told not to talk bad about him, and to pretty well do what he says — but the reality of it all is that it is an entirely voluntary organization and if we don’t like what he says we can work to amend our own viewpoints with theirs.  One of my own personal “ah-hah” moments was the time I was in with the bishop and he told me just not to do something if I disagreed with it.  It wasn’t anything big, just an activity that I disagreed with.  I know, I am lame — but it was an eye opener to me.

I think priesthood is the big equalizer.  Otherwise women would take over in our take over ways and make this church like the city of Enoch and who would that help?

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  1. Anonymous says

    Although I don’t agree with you, it is very interesting to hear your views on women’s role in the church. I also watched the ‘Mormon in America’ special and was wondering since you’re speaking about inequality, whether you can explain your opinion on the exclusion of African American men in the Priesthood until 1978?

    Do you think the church was justified in this, or do you think it was a mistake? Do you think the exclusion was just the LDS church taking slightly longer than the rest of the nation to catch up with the Civil Rights Movement?

    You say that women would take over if given the ability to join the Priesthood, so it’s better that they have other duties. Do you think it’s also in the nature of African American to take over?

    I’m very interested to hear your opinion on this since you haven’t mentioned it yet :)

  2. says

    You know what’s funny is that my sister in law had stake conference this past weekend and surprise, Dallin H. Oaks was there to speak to them. (I know. I was so jealous when I found out. :) Anyway, he felt prompted by the spirit to speak to the congregation about many things, one of them being women wanting to hold the priesthood. My sister in law said that he said something to this effect.

    “The mentality of women desiring the priesthood is wrong. Equality was Satan’s plan. Not The Father’s Plan. The Father’s Plan was different responsibilities, different talents, different characteristics – with EQUAL OPPORTUNITY. Those who shout out ‘EQUALTIY’ are NOT following the Lord!

    I think he meant “equality” in the sense of being “the same”. Men and women are DIFFERENT and are meant to be different, lending different strengths, talents and abilities. It is by divine design.”

    When she told me those things he said, I immediately thought “Well duh. That totally makes sense to me.”

    So I thought I’d share my two cents with you bloggy friend. :)

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