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First off, if you care to have your comment heard, I would suggest you put your name on it….

Secondly, the church I have been raised in and believe is true has allowed blacks. I was 2 when they took the “ban” off.  I think if that ban was in place today I’d have a really hard time with it.  But it’s not.  SO grateful for that.

I do want to say that my heart breaks thinking about people who weren’t able to enter the temple or receive the priesthood.  I think, until recently,  I didn’t really grasp the enormity of it…  I don’t think I really can. 

It was really sad.  I think that people who clung this religion at a time that they couldn’t even have “all” of it are strong, strong people.  I believe there is a special place in heaven for them.

Which, will not be the same place as anonymous commenter’s will be in.  But then, they know everything so, I’m sure they know that.

Don’t you?

**I love questions and comments of all types on this blog.  Feel free to put your name on your work! :)

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  1. AlexC says

    Oops! I didn’t realize there was a way to put my name in without a Google account or a Blog account–sorry for the anonymous comment! I’m still not so good with technology!

    Thank you for answering this question. But, I guess what I’m really wondering is: has the church ever said WHY African Americans weren’t allowed to join the Priesthood? I just don’t get it! I was shocked when I saw that special and nobody ever explained WHY.

    And though our generation hasn’t seen this exclusion, our parents’ generation did. I guess I’m trying really hard to understand the hearts of people (our parents, even!)who stood by the Church when people were being excluded based on the color of their skin. I hate to think my parents were a part of that…

  2. says

    The priesthood only being given to certain parts of the Lord’s people is actually biblical in scope. David, one of the Old Testament’s prime figures, was promised that everything that he asked of God would be given to him, but he never held the priesthood because he wasn’t a Levite. It wasn’t until after Christ came and went that anyone besides the Levites could have the priesthood, and we don’t know the specific reason for that, either. Blacks could always be baptized into the Church and there was a good while in the beginning of the Restoration days when blacks could also receive the priesthood. So, the way I figure, when we can answer the questions as to why David could be promised exaltation and not have the priesthood, we’ll know why people of African descent couldn’t hold the priesthood for a while in the last dispensation.

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