Old Vs New

Last night, as I looked around the Jr High gym… realizing that I have a 7th grader I felt a little emotional.  And it wasn’t just that he’s a seventh grader, who’s excited to get his schedule and compare with his friends.  It was more.

Last year I walked in there without a clue who anyone was or how it would all work.  This year, our brand new principal knows me by name and a couple of his new teachers said, “I’ve seen you around campus, haven’t I?”

Last year I walked into the elementary school Meet the Teacher night with tears in my eyes.  I couldn’t believe I’d left that school and all those friends.  I was literally devastated at the thought of starting over.  And it was a tough few months, but I muscled my way in… and now I’m one of the people greeting you as you walk in.

…and I’m just here to say that if you think that you don’t have the social balance that you wish you had, it’s up to YOU to fix it. 

Now, don’t go all crazy like I did.  I’m on the PTO board at the elementary and the secretary for the PTO at the middle school.  I. have. lost. my. mind. — but a small part of me is excited.  Excited to meet new people and really find out what’s going on at the school, hopefully help a bit and make new friends.

I’m growing to really love the ladies on the elementary PTO… a far cry from blotting my eyes as I left my first PTO meeting last year.

I know God has blessed me to be surrounded by great people, and I’m grateful for the inspiration to “put myself out there”

NOW, on another note.  Anyone who’s left in California… it’s time you stood up for yourselves and said that the way you’re assigned teachers just isn’t OK.  Throwing them up in the office and everyone dashing off campus is NOT professional.  I know that both the teachers and the students benefit from meeting each other.  Our principal does not take requests to change classes during the meet the teacher event.  The end.  I know that’s their main concern (also the union probably doesn’t want them to use their precious time for it… oh union), but it can work out.  I’m excited to see who Spencer will be spending his time with this year (and frankly, very glad that it’s not me!). :)

Life is so, so good… don’t you think?

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    Hey, I took my latest post down because I decided it was too negative. : ) No, the 35 will not remain, but I may have that many for a few weeks, until things can be sorted out. Typically one or two don’t show up….we’ll see!

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