Monday, August 27, 2012

On the Flip Side, the Sabbath

I finished writing my post from this morning about the Sabbath and kind of rolled my eyes.

Did it tell the whole truth?

Maybe not....

I have a really hard time sitting still and concentrating during church.  I have an even harder time with kids using me as a jungle gym and expressing their own displeasure at our Sabbath requirements.

And honestly, if I prepare one more lesson about choosing the right for my 4 year olds I might just choose the wrong.  In a big way.

So, to my Mormons out there, I ask you:

1.  Do you have any tips for youself, to keep yourself "in" the meeting and concentrating?
2.  When you've prepared what seems like the SAME primary lesson for the 4 millionth time, how do you keep from not wanting to start some false doctrine out there, you know -- just to keep it interesting. :)
3.  Do you like the sabbath, does it really make your life more holy?  Or am I just being polly positive on this one? :)

1 comment:

  1. Haha Hilary you crack me up! Sometimes when I get home from church I just want to curl in a ball ... in a corner... and cry my eyes out (seriously)
    It helps when I get glimpses throughout the week when my kids will remember something about church- or make a good choice because of the lesson they just had, or tonight Jaxon screamed the song SUNBEAM for F.H.E. (cute and a little much) I hope all the info they do get will Stick with them.

    and just do what I do.... teach whateva lesson ya feel like it! (out of the manual of course)


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