Some Day are Diamonds…

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some days are scorpions.

So, I got up with a fresh outlook, really hoping to have a nice home day with P and get a lot done, including her lessons and a lot of one on one time.  I go out to spray for weeds really quickly and I notice one of our drippers came off, so I fix it and then turn it back on — but I hear water spraying… what is that?

Oh, the lawn — there is water shooting out of our lawn.  Of course there is.

Drip system stops, lawn gyser stops.

Why on earth does the drip system go through the lawn?  Why do I ask?

So, I get my tools.  I have this little expandable thing that’s supposed to fix it, but it never does.  I always end-up using two couplings (like the one to the right).  Why do I even try the expandable thing?  Of course, with this one you have to dig up a whole lot more dirt… but thankfully the leak loosened the dirt anyway.

Anyway, after some considerable sweat I decide to come in to see if El Presidante is ready for school.  He comes screaming down the stairs, I can’t hear what he’s saying — and then it becomes clear:

“There is a scorpion in my shoe!”

I freak out inside, but I tell him to bring it to the sink.  We try to get the scorpion out but after some considerable banging he slowly crawls out onto the shoe (and we scream some more) and I brush him off with a cup and Conner slams on the garbage disposal and the hot water.  Which, reminds me — I need to put some baking soda and water down that drain….


In other news, did Conner remember to pack a lunch or do any of his jobs this morning.  That’s a negative.  Welcome to the first day of school.  Guess who also has his first baptisms for the dead today, so I’m hesitant to let the hammer fall like I usually would. {sigh}

So, that’s my morning.  It’s 9 am and I’m bushed.  Curious George is entertaining the little one, and I’m having a little Internet therapy.  I vow I only get 5 more minutes on this computer of mine.

One of these days I’ll have a diamond day.  Until then, Drew will be doing a a pretty thorough scorpion inspection… {this is the second we’ve found this week}

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