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Hopefully I didn’t tick too many people off with my thoughts below…

and if I did, I think that’s what is great about blogs.  I really like windows into other people’s lives and thoughts.  I don’t particularly love people who self edit a ton (although, you can’t see it I did, in fact, self edit a lot on the post below, because I know it’s a sensitive topic for people).  I think if we were thoughtful, but said what we felt, the world would probably be a better place.  I am really thankful for the thoughts I’ve had about that post.  Some of them maybe changed my view a little.  Some didn’t. :)

Last night I was reading blogs… and I was already in a bad “place” — kids driving me nuts, marching band in full swing and feeling the  burdern of my checkbook and my life…

Reading blogs didn’t help.  People with all their amazing summer trips and fancy new school clothes and I just felt the green head of jealousy pop up all over the place.

Why do other people get fancy trips?
there’s no way we’ll ever have trips like that
why are their kids always clean?
I bet she never yells.
Look at all that gorgeous furniture!  I want a kitchen table…

{and on, and on…}
{this ever happen to you?}

I went to bed in said sour mood, but as always a night of sleep and some scriptures in the morning always centers me.

Of course some good old fashioned cleaning helped too.  Cleaning can be so cathartic.  I was thinking of my jealousies of the last night.  I had a flashback to how I’d drool over other people’s houses when we lived in California.  The reality was, that if we’d stayed in CA we never would have gotten a bigger house.  It wasn’t something to aspire to.  The road stopped at 1170 square feet.

Also, the other reality is that if I worked full time we could do all sorts of amazing things.

And my life would  be uber chaotic, and I wouldn’t be with the people I love most and doing the things that mean the most to me.  And frankly, I’m not sure I could do the job that I love so much now full time.

I am a delicate flower.

I guess the reality is that we can have whatever we want, but we have to pay the price.  That makes me think of Once Upon a Time (the TV show, anyone else watch?) where they always say that magic comes with a price.  In reality, magic does come at a price.

And I gues I’m just fine with the magic we already have around here. :)

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  1. says

    Well said. I get that way too…sucked in to thinking everyone else is getting things done and decorating to the nines and making fancy meals while sit there wondering why I can’t make/do/have/be like that!

    Oh, and I love that show!

  2. says

    I think we all feel like this from time to time. The internet, in all it’s glory, is a blessing and curse!
    I feel like I am guilty of putting my “best foot forward” in a sense on my blog. But I tread a fine line in that I don’t write my blog for other people, I write it for me, for my family. So I do tend to include the things we celebrate and want to document. I’m not going to include the 327 photos I tried to get on 4th of July that didn’t turn out in favor of posting the one where the kids are all (miraculously) looking cute. It’s my only form of “scrapbooking” these days so I include what I want. And if people (mostly my 3 sisters and stray friend here and there) want to read it, they can.
    But I also feel that we have a responsibility as readers of blogs…if we are going to do that…and read about all those amazing meals, trips, and beautiful homes… we need to realize we can’t BE that person either.
    It’s a tough battle with ourselves.

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