Monday, August 20, 2012

What I'm Going To Do With Out Health Insurance

My health insurance went up, almost 10 percent.  GIGANTIC BOOO!!!!

i'm mulling over options.

I talked to a smart friend who has a super high deductible with an HSA plan.

But, after Conner's little accident I started to get nervous about all those gangly limbs and how he is right at the age to snap something, or more then one something....

So, now I'm thinking about getting an accident plan.  For, something like 30 bucks/month, we're covered for accidents, after a 250 dollar deductible. 

So, I'd increase my HSA plan deductible to 5.5k (saving 150/month) and get that accident insurance...


Do I just suck it up and pray nothing happens?

I'm lucky to have the skills to self diagnose a lot of stuff, just not able to set limbs. 

Maybe I need more schooling...

Thoughts?  Maybe from those smarter then me?

1 comment:

  1. i would definitely have major medical if you don't aren't gonna renew what you ahve now. i do like having an hsa though. for tax reasons its nice to have.


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