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Once again I’m talking to one kid about not smoking weed, and the other kid I’m playing fun games and watching youtube videos on shapes.

Sometimes I feel like I live in so many separate worlds… :)

But, I wanted to share what me and Princess P are doing.

Lots of mazes to work on her fine motor skills, and I have finally brought out scissors for her to try.  El Presidante cut all the pleats in our curtains so I have a fear of scissors that needs to be overcome (apparently by reminding her that we ONLY cut paper mom says is OK every time I bring them out).  She’s a lefty and I can’t figure out if she cuts better with her left or her right.  How did two right handed parents produce two left handed children.  Is it genetic?  She will write with both hands, but does much better with her left.

Then it’s onto puzzles.  I am using some of these with the border, as well as some dollar store ones.  We have a lot of great puzzles and they are often a shooting-off point to a youtube video.  The other day we watched one about bears, and then today we watched a few shape ones.  Youtube is such a treasure for little kids.  I remember wishing that I could show El Presidante a show about something we were working on, but Sesame street never seemed to be in sync with us.  But Youtube has TONS of great stuff.

We just played a game called Silly Expressions.  I can’t recommend this game enough.  I think we picked it up at Savers or something when the boys were little.  You each practice making faces and trying to pick out what face the other person is making.  Lots of good emotion talk and using our faces to show our emotion in general.  Me likey. :)

We have also started a set of readers from Creative Teaching (got them at Lakeshore when Conner was little, these seem pretty similar).  This one is “No, no Nicky” and you keep saying the same words over and over.  I think when Conner was little I was trying for a great variety of words, but we have a sticker chart and she’ll read each book 4 times before we move onto another one.  It really does help them have success at reading, and that’s always a good feeling.

Today we played a little game with some word family flashcards (can anyone else tell that I have far too much early learner stuff at my house?).  We played the old C-AR CAR game like on Electric company.  She did the first letter and I supplied the rest.  Do you guys like the new electric company?  Seems a little old for her… although this clip is from it.

Anyway, that’s what we’ve been doing.  Right now she’s downstairs reading “Rosita’s Magic Shoes” on tape.  Love all the stuff that’s there to help little kids learn.

Makes it fun to be a “fun” mom (even if you’re not a “fun” mom).  Happy Thursday!!!

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    Thanks so much for posting what you do with your daughter. It has reminded me of simple things (such as puzzles) I had forgotten about doing with my older kids when they were young. My son is benefiting!

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