The Devil Shouldn’t Use a Pitchfork

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I went out to turn our compost today.  About midway through I started feeling so proud of myself and how great I am at composting.  I was considering writing a blog about composting and how I’m not going to have to buy bags and bags of the stuff and how much money that’s going to save me and how I’m just amazing.

And then I saw it.

a GIANT scorpion.  Seriously, probably one of the biggest one I’ve seen.  Turns out a pitchfork isn’t that effective as a means of death for small creatures.  I finally slammed it on it and watched it die.  Sadly, I also found a few of its babies.

Ew.. ew.. ew….

**Random aside:  Princess P was moving a chair by what she was going in the kitchen and I asked her why she was moving a chair and she said she needed to sit down so she didn’t have to pee… I told her she should just go potty.  Might be time to work on kegals with that one….

Back to me…

Anyway, I made it through.  I am not that amazing, and it is likely that Drew will be turning the compost for the next few months.

The other problem with that is there are a MILLION bugs in that compost (which is great, you want lots of bugs) but then every time something moved I got the heebie jeebies.  I will say that I did finish the job.  I just wanted to die most of the time. :)  The compost is pretty well finished, so that’s good.  I’m ready to plant, plant, plant.

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    You has successfully convinced me of two things: I will not move to Arizona and I will not compost! I do not do bugs. I actually buy cans of aerosol hairspray just to freeze bugs in their tracks so my husband can deal with them later. If Arizona adds scorpions to that, I’m out!

    Love ya!

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