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I just put in our wintergrass…

Just another fun thing about being in AZ.  Our “summer” grass dies in the winter, so if you want a lawn you need to put in the wintergrass.  Apparently the best way to do that is to put in perrenial rye grass (why can’t you put in annual rye grass, btw?) over the top of your lawn.  Then I aerate and then I throw compost over the whole thing….

And then I wait for the birds to come eat all of it.  So far, there hasn’t been a bird fest in our law, but I’m sure that will come with time. 

I love the look of the grass in the summer though.  Our summer grass isn’t my favorite kind, but the wintergrass is more like the grass we had growing up.

Anywho… that is my education for you on the finer points of wintergrass. 😀

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    Wouldn’t you rather the perennial? Then at least it comes back every year!

    I had a rock lawn in AZ. This is something I knew of, but never participated in myself.

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