With All this Union Talk

I’ve been hearing how President Obama loves teachers, and how hard working they are — hence, he loves the union.

Umm…. not so fast.

Here is the main thing you have to know about the teacher’s union.  Their #1 is the union.  It isn’t teachers, it isn’t students, it’s the union.  They will fight to keep themselves at ALL costs.  They are making money by being a union.  They don’t want to stop that.

The other thing I think most people need to know is that 99% of teachers are just doing their best.  We are constantly cutting their funds and just expecting they’ll make it up somehow.  So many do SUCH an amazing job.  I just don’t think it’s fair to put teachers in the same category as the union.

When Drew was laid off the union paid for to have a lawyer.  The lawyer basically just said, “oh man, 10 years with the district, that really stinks but I can’t do anything.  Good luck with everything.”  10 years of union dues for that kind of high quality protection is just heart warming, don’t you think?

The union needs to fill its coffers so it can stay on the happy side of the politicians.  That is all.  Then, they send you 9 million flyers for said happy politicians to get them elected, so they can stay in that politician’s back pocket and pretend that they are all about children.

BUT, an organization that is all about children wouldn’t lay off amazing teachers to protect teachers that don’t do their jobs.  Children need the best that the money can buy (which, frankly isn’t a lot – -we are amazingly lucky that anyone goes in to teach anymore).

I’m not really on either side of the union debate in Chicago.  I think using standardized testing is useless, and the money could be MUCH better spent elsewhere in the classroom.  Also, teachers won’t want to teach disadvantaged children, because their test scores show it — and those teachers would lose money.  That doesn’t seem fair, does it?

But I hate it when people say the union is on the side of __________.  Because it is on its own side.  Always remember that. :)

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