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Our church just got moved to 1pm.  Can you hear the groaning?  Me too. In fact we get to be at 1 pm for 14 months!  Yay!

But my secret is that I kind of like afternoon church.  I’m less likely to nap the day away (easily done).  I’m also much more likely to maybe sleep in a little bit but then actually spend time with my kids.

And for some reason they like that.

We really try to play a game every Sunday while we’re waiting for church. Some of you might not think that’s appropriate, but I’d think you’d have left this blog long ago if you’re that type of reader.


This past week’s game was Snorta.  And holy guacamole is that game expensive all the sudden!  Well, if you see it at Goodwill or Savers, I’d pick it up.

Basic premise, everyone gets a barnyard animal, you share that barnyard animal sound and then hide the animal in a barn.  Then, you each flip cards off your deck and when your card matches someone else’se you have to yell their barnyard sound before they do and the winner gets to give their flipped cards to the loser.

First one out of cards wins.

Our main problem with games is that we span quite an age range, but because P got to have a frog in her barn, all was at right with the world.  She also liked to flip her cards and say the animal name.  We’d help her yell people’s sounds, but either way she doesn’t really care if she’s winning or losing.

It’s ages 8 and up, but Mr Middle is 8 and he’s been playing it a couple of years without a problem. 

I’d like to review a lot of our games on here (and we have a LOT) but I’d love to hear your family’s favorites as well!

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