Thoughtful Tuesday

I woke up early this morning with so many thoughts swirling in my head.

I hate it when that happens.  I prefer to wake-up after some WILD dream and just content that my own life is my own and not the 3 headed monster mistress Drew just revealed that he had. :)  Ok, maybe I just prefer to wake-up content with a good night’s sleep.


Thoughts about selfless service and how I wonder if anything I ever do truly is selfless.  I raise my kids in hopes that they will prove to be successful happy people who contribute to society.  I admit that if they turn out to be  complete failures I may feel badly.  Hence, it’s not really selfless — is it?  I help at school to spy in kids and hope that it all will get to be a little better.  I babysit kids in hopes someone will do it for me, and the list goes on.  I need to be better about doing things while expecting absolutely nothing in return.  I shall work on that.

Thoughts about how Costco had the new samsung phone for only 30 bucks on black friday and how could I miss out on such a deal?  HOW I ASK YOU!?

Thoughts about our move here and if it’s worked out like I’d envisioned and if it was worth it.  I’m glad that our move was forced.  I think I’d live in the past a bit too much if I actually had a choice in the matter.  I did have a choice.  I shouldn’t say I didn’t.

Thoughts about how if I thought about other people a lot less I could concentrate a lot more on myself.  I’m not talking about thoughts like “she is so nice, I really like her” but more the “WHY ON EARTH WOULD SHE DO THAT” kind of thoughts.  I need to eliminate those.

What do you think about in the early morning hours?

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  1. says

    It takes me a long while, a good thirty minutes and a shower before I have any thoughts in the morning. Any thoughts other than “Who the &^%%$ just turned on a light and touched a doorknob and woke up that blasted baby!!”
    After that all my thoughts are nice, selfless, meaningful ones.