Friday, December 21, 2012

A Non-Favorite Friday

Sure, it sounds like I love EVERYTHING on this blog.  But that's a lie.

Last year I got this for Christmas from an un-named source.

and I hated it.  I had walked by it in the isles of Costco eyeing it and thinking that would save cabinet space and be so gosh darn convinient. 

Turns out it is the jack of two trades, master of none.

The blender doesn't do smoothies well.

The Food processor was awful and super small.  Sure, the blade was so sharp it would cut me if I looked at it but then it woudln't turn well when I turned it on.  Turns out the blade needs to SPIN to cut things.

Who knew?

Anyway, my lesson from today is that maybe one purpose is enough for an item.  I ended-up returning it and getting a separate food processor and a separate blender, both of which get good reviews.  I don't use my food processor a huge amount but I need it to work when I want it so I went with a lesser brand with decent reviews. 

anyway, not everything is great.  It's official.

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