A Pretty Great Day

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You know, I trudge through marching band season, wondering if it’s ever going to end.  And it does, and we move on.

But today was such a great day.

It was the 50% off sale at Goodwill.  Let me share a little bit of what I got:

We got a Plasma car for 5 bucks.

I got these shoes for 5 bucks.

Those aren’t the exact shoe – -since it’s mens.  They’re a women’s cut of a similar shoe and it seriously feels like I am walking air… yummy.  I also got 4 other pair of shoes.  One of which looks a lot like this (for 10 bucks):

I got a cute maxi dress, this is a similar cut but my strips are horizontal and while it may not be the most attractive mo-moo out there, I’m probably going to LOVE wearing it in the summer!


Drew has been looking for another wii guitar so we could compete in guitar hero… and he found one.  For three bucks. :)

I found princess P a bunch of clothes to go on the Disney princess dolls.  Now we just need to find a princess (a little Minnie came with it but I can’t get a lot of the clothes on her).  I also found about 10 minature barbies and while I’m not a barbie fan I am loving how these fit in a little purse for her to take to PTO meeting.


I also got her a cool Ravensburger 24 piece block puzzle, kinda like this (but with more pieces).

Anyway, it’s always fun to get new things and while I know a lot of people think shopping at the Goodwill is beneath them, they are likely not married to a teacher and are trying to put any “extra” money towards a masters degree.  Hence, nothing is above us. :)

But we still feel like we have a lot.  :)   

Also, we got to go out to the Haji Babba with friends for dinner and then over for a Krispy Kreme to finish off the evening on a sweet note.  I feel very lucky today.  A reminder that life is long and has many ups and downs.

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