Friday, December 07, 2012

Favorites Friday: EOS Lip Balm

Princess P took it upon herself to smear my lipbalm all over her towel.

Thanks so much.

So as I was perusing the isles of the local Walmart trying to find a sav, thinking that my lips were "dry and chapped like the dessert sand, not wet and moist like a pomegranate" (can anyone name that movie, one free shout out if you can!).  I saw EOS lip balm that I'm pretty sure I've seen in a couple of makeup videos.

So I bought it.  Even though it was a good dollar or two more then the chapstick.  I thought, what the heck -- I'm worth it!

I like it.  I like how it's all natural and it feels good and not overly sticky.

I think that most of my lip health is dependent on my hydration level.  Luckily I've been doing pretty good in that area lately, but during the winter especially I feel like I need a little something on them at night.

This fits the bill.

Anyone else like it?  Other flavors I should try?

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