Friday, December 14, 2012

Favorites Friday: Nativity

Oh man, did I love going to our local Christmas Creche exhibit in CA.  SO many amazing nativities from all over the world.  I loved taking my kids and seeing how different cultures interpreted such an amazing event.

I'd love to get creche's from all over the world.  Turns out I don't tend to leave our neck of the woods very often, but everything comes in a time or a season, right?  For now I have a lot of kids nativity scenes.

We have this one

 And that one (my amazing sister in law got us this one for Christmas one year, she's a smartie)

And don't forget this one

Yes, that is a rubber duck nativity, I got it at Hobby Lobby

And another kiddy one, durn it that picture is small -- suffice it to say it's wooden and OK for children's hands, although this one is our nicer one so I keep it off limits for the most part.

Because I'm a super lame parent I don't usually let my kids have toys up in our living room (we have a playroom for that kind of tom foolery).  BUT, the nativities are up here and I let them move the people around as they wish.  Often all the people stare at the baby, or they line up or they wander around their spot.  I think it helps me to think of the nativity as a real thing, with real people and they all had feelings about what happened on that day.

Anyway, I LOVE nativities.  100%.  Almost as much as Christmas cards, almost. :)

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