Favorites of Christmas: Cards

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My tongue kind of itches.  At the very least it’s left a nasty taste in my mouth with a few paper cuts.  That’s right, it’s Christmas Card time!

I have to tell you that Christmas cards are one of my favorite things about Christmas.

A lot of my favorite things we did/had got left behind in California so it’s been interesting to re-create the magic that came so easily there, but I’m glad that Christmas cards came with us here.

I must tell you that those that are still on our list mean a great deal to me.  Sure we have family, and I like them alright – but I have thought about the friends who are still on the list and how much I love them.

As I write a little note in each one I think about the good times we’ve had and the impact you’ve had on my life.  I wish I had the time to write that on your letter, but with over 75 now our Christmas list is at capacity. :)  Just know I think so much of each and every one of you.

And when I get them in the mail it’s the same process again.  I just got our first card and I was so happy to remember the times I’d had with this woman.  How she shaped and molded me into the person I am.  I have had SO many great friends.  I feel 100% lucky!

Let remind you of the three tiers of cards:

1.  Those who don’t send.  These people don’t stay on the list long… :)
2.  Those who send a regular card.  I kind of want to see you, but I love that you thought of me.  I still really like you.  You still get a place of honor on my card wreathe. :)
3.  Those who send a picture card.  I seriously can’t believe how big people’s kids are getting.  It kills me.  But I love it too. :)  I must admit I sometimes get a chuckle at how we’re all starting to look like our moms {super giant sigh}.
4.  Those who put a personal message in.  LOVE this.  Seriously.  No matter how small a tiny message makes my day. :)

Anyway, my wreathe awaits to be filled with smiling faces from days of yore.  Will yours be there?

**BTW, I made this as a Christmas Card wreathe, but I am able to leave it up all year round.  I just cleared off all the wedding annoucements and high school graduations or cards.  I love it all year round.  If you want a tutorial, see here.

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    We budgeted for a Christmas card but then I stole from that budget to buy give more towards Penny’s present..So we are considering our birth announcement ours this year! I did send you a birth announcement right? I got a bunch of addresses from my mom but I ended up missing a ton of people, like Andrew’s brother and sister-in-law… (In my defense I had a newborn at the time..)

    If I somehow missed you let me know. I still have a few and I can send one of those your way!

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