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A few years ago I did a post about why I belive in Santa Claus, and how you wouldn’t ever be hearing from my lips that Santa isn’t real.  And while I still believe ever ounce of that post I’ve been thinking more about it. 

I now have a 12 year old, who likes to act all mature and is ready for me to tell him that Santa isn’t real.  I remember doing the same thing as a kid…

The truth is, he is very much real.  There is no way this mom would have allowed her kids to get DS’s or a wii, or1 million pounds of Lego’s which I would step on and spew expletives.  But, as I get close to Christmas my heart thinks like Santa’s heart.  What do those kids REALLY want.  What would give them joy and glee.  I want them to have workbooks full of academic puzzles and timers to help them with their jobs.  Sometimes Hilary gives those gifts, but Santa gives them what they want.

Like the year Conner got the Darth Vader voice changer, completely useless — but it’s what he wanted.

And the truth is that there is a special love this time of the year and I think it springs from within the earth.  It remembers Jesus being born and the love he brought into this world.  How he healed the sick, reminded the poor and meek that God did love them, very much indeed.  And we name that love Santa.

And I love the fact that my children KNOW that if they believe he will come.  And when I am questioned with all the intricacies of Santa’s eternal lifelong mission I simply say, “If you don’t believe, he will not come.”  I’m willing to stand with that one.  If for some insane reason someone, at some point, chooses not to believe — he in fact will not come.  Nor should he.  For then, he isn’t real.

However, that is untrue of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for all the unbelievers out there he still IS real.  He has given you gifts of plenty, He continues to want to bless you.  Even though they don’t believe.  What a beautiful story.

Today is the last Sunday before Christmas and I will be “blessed” with around 4 four year olds to share it with.  They will be exploding the excitement that only Santa can bring.  It’s my job to help them realize how that joy ties into the joy that Jesus brings.  We will talk of gifts and the many things he gives us that are better then a Nintendo DS.  That’s my job, and it’s my job with my own kids.

For Santa is real.  He lives in the hearts of men and women (frankly, more in the hearts of women, but I digress).  He brings about real changes that I embrace whole-heartedly.

Merry Christmas everyone.  If you haven’t yet, take some time to feel the very real joy of the season.

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    Thank you so much for these comments on Santa. I get a lot of questions about Santa and I try to answer as vaguely as possible then turn the discussion on the good parts of Santa (he does it because he loves us) or just anything else. I remember the first time I really doubted Santa was real, but I decided it was fun to pretend anyway…and I still didn’t know for sure… :) Then Santa wrote a note that was totally my dad’s handwriting, but I decided to pretend anyway. I love how you always tell your kids if they don’t believe he won’t come. It is kind of like faith isn’t it? Believe first and then get the confirmation/reward.

    In general I don’t like being Santa. I know part of it is the pressure of fulfilling those wonderful expectations. That great opportunity for delight can also bring the bigger disappointment. I also wish there was someone to still be Santa for me.(I need to have a better discussion with my husband about that :)

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